Minister Carol B. Simpson -
I am extremely excited for the opportunity to connect with you via this website.  This web page was initiated with one intent in mind; and that is, to reach those who are thirsty for more of Christ. Let me start by introducing myself... 
I am a wife, a mother, and a minister. All of which I take seriously and I passionately desire to give my best to each call.  And though I am passionate about those #1 heart's desire is to be pleasing to God. 
I didn't always feel that way though.  Life taught me that I needed a Savior... One who could save me from sin and from myself.   I desire to reach those who may find themselves in the same spot I found myself. Those who have been honest with themselves and know they need to be saved from sin and from themselves.  
My desire is to be used for the glory of God, to minister to and encourage those who may be broken and those who are spiritually hungry for that relationship with Christ.   You may be a new convert. You may be one who has lost your way and just don't know how to get back. You may just be seeking a closer walk with Christ.   In short, you may be in the same place that I once was; "knowing of Him - but not knowing Him".
The truth is, this site is a leap of faith in God.  It is not yet, what it shall be, but because I love the LORD and I trust Him I am moving forward even now.  We may just be starting with weekly inspirations, but who knows...with God, the possibilities are endless.
My desire is to give Him glory by encouraging, teaching, and inspiring His people. Now listen, I am growing too you know.  So I am not trying to be competitive,or entertain, or trivialize the word of God.  My prayer is that this will be a vehicle of growth and worship. 
I invite you to leave the past behind and move forward in the Lord.